Israel and Hebrew

This series will focus on Israel, its history, society, culture, challenges, relationship to the diaspora Jews and the commotion to the Cleveland community.


Have you ever wanted to learn Hebrew? Study spoken Hebrew at your own pace, and learn how to communicate with Israelis and Jews from around the world. This isn't your typical language class - it's designed around your interests, and will have you speaking Hebrew from the first day!

My Israeli Story

This series will focus on Israeli culture and how we as American Jews connect with Israel. Participants will have the opportunity to explore their relationships with Israel through music, food, art, history, and shared values. They will engage in a process of telling the stories of their own developing relationships with Israel and their Jewish identities.

The Land of Israel: A Virtual Deep Dive into Cities, Sites, Borders, and Waters

This course is a chance to get virtually up close and personal with Israel. Explore the breadth and depth of the land with interactive looks into the shuk, the nitty gritty cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and the majestic nature of the desert, the Dead Sea, and the Golan Heights. Get to know the trails and sites of Israel, and their importance to Judaism, Islam, and global geopolitics. 

Exploring Israel’s Leaders

This class will introduce you to the who's who of Israel's iconic leaders, past and present. You'll learn about the actions, choices, and legacy of well known leaders, from David Ben Gurion to Yitzhak Rabin, as well as lesser known changemakers in fields from military to art to social entrepreneurship. You'll also get an overview of Israeli current events, and the leaders shaping the country today.

The Others in Israel

Did you know that 1 in 5 Israelis isn't Jewish? Israel is a diverse society, with Christians, Muslims, Druze, Bahai, and people of every other faith imaginable calling Israel home. Learn about the people you don't see in the headlines - what is it like to be a minority in the world's only Jewish State?

Jewish + Democratic = ?

We've heard that Israel is both a Jewish and a Democratic state. But what does that mean in practice? How does Israel balance its democratic values with Jewish sensibilities, and vice versa? Explore case studies ranging from issues of women's equality to LGBTQ inclusion, Shabbat, and the acceptance of refugees, and answer for yourself: is Israel both Jewish and democratic?

My Israeli Food Experience

The best way to get to know Israel is through its food. The flavors of Israeli cuisine represent the diversity of the Israeli and Jewish people, with influences coming from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Learn about the importance of food culture in Israel, how Israeli food came to be, and make some of Israel's most iconic dishes in your own kitchen!

Israeli in My Ears: Music as a Window into Israeli Society

Using songs as lenses into Israeli culture and values, you'll learn some of the most iconic verses from Israeli folk songs, as well as modern rap, pop, and hip hop. What can you learn about a society through its greatest hits - and what do they mean to you? *No musical talent is required for this class. 

Israeli Films Festival

Put some extra meaning into your next Netflix binge. Watch some of Israel's modern and classic movies and TV shows and discover how Israel is portrayed through the camera lens.

Understanding Israel through Graffiti

Israeli artists are known for using every medium imaginable to share their art with the world, and that includes public forums. Take a virtual graffiti tour of Israel, and see what the street art of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and other cities tells us about the pressure points in Israeli society today.

Exploring Israel and its neighborhood

Dive deep into the map of Israel, focusing on its borders and relationship with its neighbors in what's known as a tough neighborhood of the world. Explore the historical roots of the Middle East, and how the changing lines on the map have led to today's conflicts, alliances, and status quo.

Israel + STEM

Israel is known as the start-up nation. This is your opportunity to explore Israel's hi-tech scene. Learn about some of the innovations that put Israel on the map and that impact our world every day, and use your own skills to put Israel's STEM expertise to the test.

Krav Maga

Are you ready to kick it into high gear? In this interactive series, learn the foundations of self defense in a technique developed by the Israeli Defense Forces. Unleash your power as you learn the moves and skills of Krav Maga!

Israeli Dancing

This is your chance to look at Israel and the Israeli-Arab Conflict through the lens of global politics. Think about how water, oil, and other natural resources impact the modern Middle East, and how Israel's conflicts with its neighbors are part of the larger story of global events.