Art and Culture

This series is a way to explore Judaism through hands-on dives into the arts. Through reflection, projects on your own and with your mentor, and a unique learning platform, use your experiences to connect with your Judaism on your own terms.

Jewish Storytelling

Jewish history, values, and culture have been transmitted through stories for generations. Learn classic Jewish tales, and how to tell your own Jewish story in person and online.

The Photography Inside Us

Explore how photography tells the stories of the modern Jewish people. Then, take your camera/phone/device of choice and tell your own Jewish story to the world using your photography skills and storytelling capabilities.

Rapping Jewish Text

Turn traditional Jewish texts upside down and inside out as you create your own rap lyrics and tell your own Jewish stories through your songs.

Learn modern Hebrew for - High School Credit, International Baccalaureate (IB) credit, to Speak with Israeli friends, or just for fun!

Hebrew For All Teens

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