2017-18 Shevet Alon Registration Process:

1. Please click to read the Shevet Alon 2017-18’s welcoming letter 

2. The registration will include two separate phases*:

   a. Online registration to the national Scouts organization – Click on the below yellow button (do not forget to submit the registration at the end of the process.

   b. Online registration for the local Cleveland Shevet Alon:

        I. Follow the below registration.

       II. Click on the below gray button to submit your registration

       III. Then click on the blue button, print and sign the combined release form.

       IV. Bring the signed form by October 15, 2017.

3. There are two different dues** to pay:

  a. The National Scouts Dues – are $45. Please write a check to Friends of the Israeli Scouts and bring it with you to by October 15, 2017.

  b. Local Shevet Alon Dues – are $200 (There is 10% discount for second and third child) . Please write a check to @akiva and bring it with you by  October 15, 2017.

*  Registration is completed upon bringing the signed form and the two checks.

**Financial aid is available. Please email  Amnon Ophir or call at 216.789.2861