Zikaron BaSalon for Cleveland Teens

Zikaron BaSalon for Cleveland Teens

Zikaron BaSalon for Cleveland Teens is a program that sends groups of teens to visit Holocaust survivors and their families in their homes. The visits happen across our community, all on the same date.

What is Zikaron BaSalon for Cleveland Teens?

The Cleveland program is based on a popular Israeli Zikaron BaSalon program. The Israeli program was created to develop new ways for young adults to commemorate Yom Hashoha in Israel. During the Israeli Zikaron BaSalon, participants create their own experience, an open discussion about the Holocaust, and its impact on society across time.

The Cleveland Zikaron BaSalon for Teens event was created to add another time during the year for teens to learn and discuss lessons from the Holocaust and its relevance to their own lives.

The Cleveland program for teens is based on four elements:

1. Testimonies – the survivors share their stories with the teens

2. Sharing Jewish ritual and tradition – The teens and the survivors experience a Jewish ritual together. The goal is to have the Zikaron BaSalon event every year during Hanukkah holiday week – the teens and survivors sharing candle lighting and other Hanukkah traditions.

3. Expression  – The participants (teens and survivors) will share and express themselves in songs or other art forms

4. Discussion – During the event, there will be a structured discussion that will connect the lessons from the holocaust to contemporary events.