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icnext – It’s a New Journey

icnext educates students within our Jewish community about Israel. Each year, icnext brings together high school 10-12 graders from different Jewish backgrounds. Together, they meet, learn, and have important conversations about Israel. Then they travel to Israel for 10 days in June 2024.

The New Format

In response to the needs of our teens, icnext has implemented a new format:

  • Six monthly meetings: 12.03.2023, 1.28.2024, 2.11.2024, 3.3.2024, 4.14.2024, 5.5.2024 (and Pre-Trip orientation on 6.2.2024) , held on Sundays from 12:00 – 3:00pm
  • Meetings will be informal and conversational 
  • Each meeting will focus on one Israel-related topic
  • Additional deeper learning for those who are interested, including readings, videos, and supplemental sessions
The Israel Mission 2024 - June 9-20

This affordable 10-day trip will explore Israel from Jerusalem’s cobblestone streets to Tel Aviv's cutting-edge graffiti. Participants will gain deeper knowledge about Israel-related issues while creating lasting memories.

  • Travel with this year’s Shin Shinim – Noa, Ella, Danielle, Maya Ilan and Yonatan – and meet teens from Beit She’an.
  • Program cost is $2200 per student, including flights, hotel, all meals, experiences in Israel and Cleveland. The overall icnext experience costs approximately $9000 per student. We’re eager to offer this highly subsidized educational experience for your teenager made possible by the Jewish Federation of Cleveland Campaign for Jewish Needs.
  • Financial aid is available, or a stipend is awarded to students who complete a second-year fellowship where they continue learning about Israel.
  • Participants may extend their stay in Israel to connect with family or additional Israel trips
icnext 12 Pre-Trip Mission Dates
1. 12.03.2023
2.. 1.28.2024
3. 2.11.2024
4. 3.3.2024
5. 4.14.2024
6. 5.5.2024
7. 6.2.2024 (Pre-Trip orientation meeting)

Apply now for icnext cohort 12

For information about cost, and the fellowship financial incentive, please reach out to Tina Keller